How much

There are two ways to cover your legal costs:

  1. Legal expenses insurance
  2. Private funding

Both options maybe available to you, whether you are an employee bringing a claim or an employer defending a claim.

Legal expenses insurance


If you have household contents insurance, then you are likely to have legal expenses insurance. It will be in a clause tucked away deep inside the policy.

Our experience is that the insurance company will be reluctant to pay up on the policy. Even if they agree to pay, they will try to palm you off on their ‘panel firm’.

You have a legal right to choose the solicitor of your choice under regulation 6(1) of The Insurance Companies (Legal Expenses Insurance) Regulations 1990.

Seek our help. We have expertise in securing insurance funding and help you, we will!


If you do indeed have legal expenses insurance to cover employment claims, our experience tells us the insurance company will still be reluctant to pay up when you claim. If so, seek our help.

Private funding

Whether you are an employee or employer, you can fund your case privately. At the outset, we will agree an hourly rate for our work and you will be billed for the time we spend on your case. No more, no less.

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