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Tribunal cases surge

The number of employment cases has rocketed by 39% since tribunal fees were scrapped last year. The government’s Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) reports that claims made to them as the first step to an employment tribunal have increased from 1700 … More

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Sex discrimination roles reversed

A woman’s ‘blow job’ quip to a male employee was sexual discrimination, ruled an Employment Tribunal. This case is unusual in that the roles were reversed and it was a man who complained of the sex discrimination. In Elworthy v … More

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Supreme court rules it’s discrimination even if you don’t know why

A ground-breaking court case ruled that employers will be guilty of discrimination even if they do not know why their procedures are at fault. The case was Essop -V- Home Office, and the court looked at ‘indirect discrimination’, where an … More

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Employers given green light to ban religious headscarves

After complicated rulings by European judges on wearing religious symbols at work, employers need policies that do not discriminate. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) heard arguments in the case, Achbita and anor v G4S Secure Solutions NV (Case C-157/15). … More

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Leeds United 0 Nigel Gibbs 1

Employers cannot treat employees badly, even if they don’t respect their competence. Leeds United discovered this after their assistant manager, Nigel Gibbs, won a breach of contract case brought at the High Court. Gibbs had a fixed-term contract with the … More

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Season of Santa and settlement agreements

‘Tis in the season of goodwill that employers choose to fire employees. So legally, Christmas becomes the busiest time of year for employment lawyers. Employers tend to be the first to make resolutions on what they want to do in … More

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