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Leeds United 0 Nigel Gibbs 1

Employers cannot treat employees badly, even if they don’t respect their competence. Leeds United discovered this after their assistant manager, Nigel Gibbs, won a breach of contract case brought at the High Court. Gibbs had a fixed-term contract with the … More

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Uber end of road for consultants

Has Uber unwittingly crashed the car for all consultants… Consultants and employers who use them – don’t panic. The Uber decision, in the case of Aslam & others -V- Uber BV Central London Employment Tribunal 2016, has not driven a … More

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You’ve been framed – by the employer

Would it be a fair cop if an employer’s video surveillance recorded misconduct by an employee? Can an employer put his employees under video surveillance or enter the email records on computers used by employees to find acts of misconduct? … More

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