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Welcome to Sharma Solicitors

Sharma Solicitors is a boutique, young legal firm specializing in all things about employment law. That’s it. Nothing else.


Our specialist team can effectively deal with all employment law related matters irrespective of organisational size, including:

  • Advice on pre-recruitment processes that will ensure employers do not offend laws protecting would-be employees from pre-entry discrimination.
  • The drafting of tailored and robust contracts of employment that will protect employers in all the important areas of concern to them such as restrictive covenants and data protection.
  • The defense of actions from employees in the Employment Tribunal. We have an extensive experience and knowledge of the Employment Rules of Procedure. We have secured the strike-out of actions based on non-compliance with procedural rules. Sharma Solicitors have defended every type of employment claim made by employees. The trick is not just knowing the law but the strategy and tactics to defeat the claim.


  • We have acted for hundreds of employees over the years from junior to every senior six figure earning executives.
  • We can protect you from bullying or harassment in the workplace.
  • Where the employee decides to leave, we can negotiate the exit package enabling the employee to seek work elsewhere, without post termination restrictions and with the maximum exit package.
  • Negotiate a settlement agreement with the employer.
  • Recover unpaid commission or bonus.
  • Litigate for unfair dismissal, discrimination or any other employment right.
  • Take the employer to the Employment Tribunal to enforce the employment rights.
Sharma Solicitors is Regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA Number: 403199)